BENNETT ENGINEERING, INC. is a consulting firm incorporated and licensed to do engineering in Maine and several other states, specializing in heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, fire protection, heat recovery, sanitary plumbing systems, electrical power distribution, telecommunications and lighting systems.

Our experience includes commercial, industrial and institutional projects working with industry, government, architects, owners, design/build teams and other engineers.

Computer programs are used for analyzing energy requirements, life cycle analysis, heating and cooling loads, equipment selection, pipe and duct sizing, feasibility studies, lighting levels and generator sizing. Contract documents are produced using computer-aided design. We have accurate instruments for measuring air and water flow rates, pressure, velocity, temperature, humidity and sound levels for balancing systems and checking comfort conditions.

Please take a moment to review the resumes provided in links to the right.   This will give you an indication of the diversity in experience of the senior project members, which will enable us to provide you with responsible professional engineering services. 



Our Engineers