Vice President Electrical Engineering


Mr. Bennett is Vice President and Electrical Engineer for Bennett Engineering. Mr. Bennett has been with Bennett Engineering for 25 years.

Mr. Bennett has experience serving architects, planners, owners, engineers, industrial and commercial clients for electrical designs, lighting esigns, power and distribution systems, communication, alarm, signal and control systems, electrical studies, reports and construction onitoring.

As a Vice President of Bennett Engineering, Will’s responsibilities include interfacing with a broad range of project stake holders in disciplines from field work, codes and standards review, electrical design, project submittal reviews, and engineering quality control reviews.

Will has worked successfully with numerous clients to collaborate on the extensive documentation and specifications required for LEED ertification. Will has extensive experience designing systems using low energy usage technology and sustainable energy sources including: solar  owered photovoltaic electrical systems.





   University of Maine,

   Orono, ME


   Bachelor of Science in

   Business Administration




   University of Southern Maine,

   Portland, ME


   Bachelor of Science in

   Electrical Engineering